1810 LX LED Light



Rudy’s Refrigeration offers competitive pricing on the 1810 LX LED Light, a great product from Kason that offers ease-of-use.

  • High output LED technology with best-in-class efficiency
  • Designed for high ceilings and larger work rooms with greater foot candle requirements
  • LED technology assures sustainable energy savings over the life of the fixture. Four-foot, vaporproof fixture is supplied complete with low energy LEDs
  • Payback in as little as six months. Reduced lighting wattage and heat generation lower utility cost. LED fixtures are rated +50,000 hr/life. Find your specific savings using the KASON Payback Calculator (Kas-Calc)
  • Specifically designed for wet and low temperature environments. Operating temperature range from -40°F to 104°F (-40°C to 40°C). Luminaire meets IP-65 for wet and cold applications and is LM-79 and LM-80 tested
  • Reach full light level immediately even in lowest temperatures
  • Easily replaces less energy-efficient lighting


Part Number: KSN11810LX4000
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