Terms and Conditions

Rudy’s Refrigeration is not responsible for any permits or ordinances.

Rudy’s Refrigeration strives to use the best quality parts and systems available. We reimburse your warranty claims quickly. However, product loss remains a potential occurrence with all commercial refrigeration. If product loss occurs, we will not reimburse these expenses. Please discuss this coverage with your insurance carrier.

Replacement parts are available to you in an even exchange for faulty parts covered by your warranty. Shipping charges for warranty parts will be sole responsibility of the buyer. If you purchase parts from your local service person, we will reimburse you our cost for said part(s).

Any service to be provided under these warranties must be paid to the service personnel by the customer and Rudy’s Refrigeration will reimburse the customer to the extent allowed under these warranties and agreed to, in advance, by Rudy’s personnel. The customer may not deduct service bills from any monies owing and due to Rudy’s Refrigeration, Inc

Your Equipment will be delivered by a common carrier. You must inspect Crates and/or Boxes for damage before signing for shipment. (Note any damage on freight bill). You are responsible for the unloading (which means removing the equipment from the truck to ground) and installation of your equipment. Regardless of the care and precautions taken by us, damage can occur in shipping. The common carrier is responsible for such damage. It is your responsibility to report and/or be responsible for damage, which is caused by the common carrier. All boxes and packing materials should be saved, as they, along with the damaged merchandise, will need to be inspected by the freight company before a claim is resolved.

If you have any questions, please call Rudy’s Refrigeration at 800-499-9424.

Rudy’s Commercial Refrigeration is not responsible for condensation that forms on the panel surface or joints if cold room cooler and/or freezer is installed in a dead air zone (insufficient ventilation); or if the area where that cooler and/or freezer is installed lacks proper equipment to control humidity and/or temperature. As a result, the dew point in the surrounding area of the cooler and/or freezer has been exceeded. The customer is responsible for ‘lowering the temperature’ of the cold room and maintaining the required temperature to stabilize the dew point which will prevent further condensation.

Installation of any equipment is not provided.


Any product that is returned will be eligible for a refund if a written request is submitted within thirty (30) days after that product is delivered. The written request will also include a copy of the receipt of delivery and a copy of the invoice of the product. The written request will also specify how the customer wants the refund to be paid (e.g. credit card, check). The payment will be subject to an agreement by Rudy’s Refrigeration to repay as the customer requested.

Products that are either a cooler or freezer will be dissembled and all pieces required to reassemble will be returned. All pieces must be returned not damaged.

Kason parts will be returned with the original packing materials and show no signs of wear and/or damage.

All shipping and handling costs will be paid by the customer and will not be included in the refund. The refund will be based on the purchase price listed on the invoice, excluding any sales tax listed.

A restocking fee of 50 percent will be assigned to any cooler or freezer. A restocking fee of 30 percent will be assigned to any Kason part. After the restocking fee has been subtracted from the purchase price on the invoice, a refund will be returned based on the agreement between the customer and Rudy’s Refrigeration.