LEL0240BS6EEA Unit Cooler-For Walk In Freezer




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General Information
  Category Unit Coolers
  Type Walk-In Unit Coolers
  Style Low Profile
Voltage 208-230/1/60
Defrost Type Electric Defrost
Performance Data
Rating Point °F 10°F TD -20°F SST
Rating Point °F 10°F TD 25°F SST
Capacity (BTUH) 22,800
CFM 3,203
Electrical Ratings
Motor Type Single Speed EC
No. of Fans 5
Motor HP 1/20
Motor Voltage 208-230/1/60
Motor Watts 295
Motor Amps 2.5
Defrost Heater Voltage 208-230/1/60
Defrost Heater Watts 5250
Defrost Heater Amps 22.8
Physical Data
Height (in.) 16.4375
Depth (in.) 13.25
Length (In.) 93.5
Approx. Net Weight (lbs.) 120
Connections Data (in.)
Coil Inlet OD 1/2
Coil Inlet ODF NA
Suction ID 1 1/8
External Equalizer OD 1/4
Drain MPT 3/4
Rating Point F of 10F TD -20F SST: Capacity(BTUH) 22,800

Part Number: HCLEL0240BS6EEA
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