LCH0020MBACZ Condensing Unit-For Walk In Cooler



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General Information
  Category Compressorized Products
  Type Air-Cooled Condensing Units
  Style ½ – 6 HP Horizontal Air Discharge
Application Outdoor
Compressor Type Scroll
Compressor P/N ZS15KAE-PFV
Operating Range Medium Temperature
Voltage 208-230/1/60
Cabinet C2
Refrigerant Type R-404A/ R-507A/ R-407A/ R-407C/ R-448A/ R-449A
Condenser Coil Type Microchannel Coil
Performance Data
Rating Point °F 25°F SST 95°F Ambience
Capacity (BTUH) 20,700
Base AWEF Adapative Defrost AWEF
R-404A/ 507A 7.6
R-448A 7.6
R-449A 7.6
R-407A 7.6
R-407C 7.6
R-407F X
X = model not suitable for this refrigerant

— = model is not DOE AWEF compliant

If model has a numerical value in the table the following statement applies. “This refrigeration system is designed and certified for use in walk-in cooler applications.”
Electrical Ratings
Compressor RLA 14.1
Compressor LRA 68
Fan Motor Qty 2
Motor HP
Fan Motor FLA 1
Air Defrost (intelliGen™/Beacon II™)
    MCA 20
    MOPD 30
    Evap. Fans 10
    Elec. Htrs 30
Electric Defrost  
    MCA 37.5
    MOPD 40
    Evap. Fans 10
    Elec. Htrs 30
Physical Data
Height (in.) 19 3/4
Depth (in.) 28 1/4
Width (in.) 39 1/8
Approx. Net Weight (lbs.) 221
Receiver 90% Full (lbs.) 14
Sound Data dBA 63
Connections Data (in.)
Liquid ID 1/2
Suction ID 7/8
Rating Point F of 25F SST 95F Ambiance: Capacity(BTUH) 20,700

Please note:
Capacity(BTUH) for Refrigerant Type R-404a is 20700
Capacity(BTUH) for Refrigerant Type R-448a is 16410

Accessories Liquid line filter drier and site glass are included.
Part Number: HCLCH0020MBACZ
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