1095 Spring Action Door Closer



The 1095 Spring Action Door Closer from Kason is a great refrigeration door closer for heavy walk-in doors. Rudy’s Refrigeration offers competitive pricing for these easy-to-install, long-lasting door closers.

  • Operates by direct force adding to natural swing momentum of closing door.
  • Designed to overcome slowing action of gaskets and air pressure.
  • Provides fast, full closure for heavy walk-in doors.
  • Easy installation; simply snaps onto concealed mounting plate.
  • Simple spring mechanism gives long, trouble-free life.
  • Steel housing and bend-resistant hook assure long wear in heavy use.
  • Polymer roller ensures quiet operation.
  • Ideal complement for Kason walk-in door hardware to provide self-closing doors.
Part Number: KSN11095000013
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