0027C Deadbolt Handle Latch



Rudy’s Refrigeration offers competitive pricing on the 0027C Deadbolt Handle Latch, which is a great Kason refrigerator latch part.  With easy installation and assured security, the 0027C Deadbolt Handle Latch will help you save maintenance costs.

  • Deadbolt security for walk-ins at the economy of a locking pull handle. Compare total cost and function of this deadbolt latch. U. S. Patent Nos.6,526,788 B2 and D453,100.
  • Finger slide seats and opens deadbolt.
  • Deadbolt can be locked in open position.
  • Unlocked door easily pulls or pushes open.
  • User-friendly design ensures ideal door function when used with Kason hinges.
  • Deadbolt is secured using cylinder lock,r padlock, or both.
  • Easy-grip, glow-in-the-dark twist-off inside release handle prevents lock-ins.
  • Surface-mounts like a locking pull handle; no complex in-door installation. Fits standard doors without modification.
  • Locking mechanism located entirely on outside of panel resists freeze-up, even on super low-temp walk-ins.
Part Number: KSN10027C-34
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