0027C Deadbolt Handle Latch

Rudy’s Refrigeration offers competitive pricing on the 0027C Deadbolt Handle Latch, which is a great Kason refrigerator latch part.  With easy installation and assured security, the 0027C Deadbolt Handle Latch will help you save maintenance costs.

  • Deadbolt security for walk-ins at the economy of a locking pull handle. Compare total cost and function of this deadbolt latch. U. S. Patent Nos.6,526,788 B2 and D453,100.
  • Finger slide seats and opens deadbolt.
  • Deadbolt can be locked in open position.
  • Unlocked door easily pulls or pushes open.
  • User-friendly design ensures ideal door function when used with Kason hinges.
  • Deadbolt is secured using cylinder lock,r padlock, or both.
  • Easy-grip, glow-in-the-dark twist-off inside release handle prevents lock-ins.
  • Surface-mounts like a locking pull handle; no complex in-door installation. Fits standard doors without modification.
  • Locking mechanism located entirely on outside of panel resists freeze-up, even on super low-temp walk-ins.

0059 Roller Strike

Additional   Kason   part     0078 Radial Safeguard Latch may be needed.

The 0059 Roller Strike is designed to be used with the number 0058 Latch Body or with the number 0078 Latch Body. Rudy’s Refrigeration offers competitive pricing on the 0059 Roller Strike, manufactured by Kason.

Model No.,  Item,  Description
0059005001,  Roller Strike,  –1/8″ to 1/4″ (–3.2 to 6.4 mm)
0059005002,  Roller Strike,  3/4″ to 1-1/2″ (19.0 to 38.1 mm)
0059005003,  Roller Strike,  1-3/4″ to 2-1/2″ (44.5 to 63.5 mm)


0078 Radial Safeguard Latch

Additional   Kason   part     0059 Roller Strike may be needed.

Rudy’s Refrigeration offers competitive pricing on the 0078 Radial Safeguard Latch, a great product from Kason that offers ease-of-use and meets Federal Energy requirements.

  • Radial tongue makes for effortless door closure when combined with Kason door closers
  • Meets 2009 Federal Energy mandate requirements for door seal when used with a Kason door closure
  • Works effectively with our 56 or 59 series adjustable strike assemblies
  • Padlock option standard for all models
  • Cylinder option available for all models

1094 Wide Hook, Flush

The Kason 1094 Wide Hooks are important parts when building or repairing refrigeration systems. Rudy’s Refrigeration offers competitive pricing on 1094 Wide Hooks.

  • Wider hook
  • Slotted mounting holes
  • Compensates for door sag on doors without adjustable hinges
  • Ease of alignment during installation and improved vertical adjustment

1095 Spring Action Door Closer

The 1095 Spring Action Door Closer from Kason is a great refrigeration door closer for heavy walk-in doors. Rudy’s Refrigeration offers competitive pricing for these easy-to-install, long-lasting door closers.

  • Operates by direct force adding to natural swing momentum of closing door.
  • Designed to overcome slowing action of gaskets and air pressure.
  • Provides fast, full closure for heavy walk-in doors.
  • Easy installation; simply snaps onto concealed mounting plate.
  • Simple spring mechanism gives long, trouble-free life.
  • Steel housing and bend-resistant hook assure long wear in heavy use.
  • Polymer roller ensures quiet operation.
  • Ideal complement for Kason walk-in door hardware to provide self-closing doors.

1097 Spring Action Door Closer

Kason’s 1097 Spring Action Door Closer is a great high tension door closer for larger, heavier doors. Rudy’s Refrigeration offers competitive pricing on the 1097 Spring Action Door Closer for your refrigeration builds or repairs.

  • High tension closer recommended for doors exceeding 200 lb. (90.7kg).
  • Spring tension can be set to close door under a wide range of conditions.
  • Roller rod guide assures smooth operation with either rise or fixed pin hinges.
  • Invert for left-hand applications.

CAUTION: For operator safety, Model No. 1097 door closer is intended to be used where high force is necessary to close heavy doors. Mount door closer as low as possible. Do not use door closer winding mechanism to hold doors open.


1248 Springe Assisted Hinge

Rudy’s Refrigeration offers competitive pricing on the 1248 Spring Assisted Hinge in Polished Chrome, a great product from Kason that offers ease-of-use.

  • Spring mechanism adds extra closing force to overcome air resistance on heavy walk-in doors
  • Special high-lift cam system outperforms similar spring hinges
  • Cam-rise action reduces gasket wear, even with irregular floors
  • Built-in dwell holds door open beyond 130 degrees
  • Simple manual operation reverses hinges for use on right or left-opening door

1808 LED Fixture

Rudy’s Refrigeration offers competitive pricing on the 1808 LED Fixture, a great product from Kason that offers ease-of-use and exceeds Federal Energy requirements.

  • Low profile high impact Lexan globe with anti-glare technology
  • Preferred fixture for replacing inefficient lighting
  • Designed to reduce electrical usage by 85%
  • Minimal heat generation will lower utility cost
  • Exceeds Federal Energy Act Requirements
  • Rated for 50,000+ hours of life
  • 4000k color temperature
  • Designed for damp/wet/cooler/freezer environments
  • 5 year limited warranty on the light engine
  • LM-79 Tested
  • ENERGY STAR Certified